Integrating technology into a model for
collaborative, coordinated, interactive pedagogy...

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         The challenge faced here is how to move from individual initiative to a collaborative approach. The eight section instructors have "nested" their individual schedules within the framework of the course site for FSL 161.

Prior to the beginning of classes, initiation to multimedia lab resources was arranged for the eight section instructors.  All instructors contributed suggested websites, useful suggestions, and even tools such as "Auditorium", for use by every section. As the year progressed, a regular series of instructor meetings allowed discussion and compromise.

                To link implementation of the common teaching and testing program set by the Department with the project of intergrating technology into all sections of the course, the basic principle was established of devoting one of the three weekly classes to technology-assisted coursework. Following the Unit-by-Unit order of the course manual (divided into ten parts corresponding to general themes), section instructors can draw upon a full range of technological resources (including on-line dictionaries, audio files, an image bank, french language newspapers and radio/television stations from the Francophone world.

              An array of interactive tools have been created or put in place by instructors in the course. These tools are designed to facilitate autonomous learning, individual review by students, aural comprehension, and pre-addressed e-mail exchanges with section instructors.
Dictionnaire universel francophone

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