NEF - Le Livre 010101 de Marie Lebert - From the Print Media to the Internet

From the Print Media to the Internet (1999)

by Marie Lebert, March 1999

1. Introduction

2. The Internet
2.1. The Internet and the Other Media
2.2. The "Info-Rich" and the "Info-Poor"
2.3. The Web: First English, then Multilingual

3. On-Line Bookstores
3.1. Books: A Good Product to Sell On-line
3.2. On-line Bookstores: Some Examples
3.3. Digital Books

4. Publishers on the Web
4.1. Publishers: Examples and Directories
4.2. Do Authors Still Need Publishers?
4.3. Electronic Publishing

5. On-Line Press
5.1. On-line Press: Examples and Directories
5.2. Future Trends for the On-line Press

6. Libraries on the Web
6.1. European and World Directories for Libraries
6.2. The Internet in Libraries

7. Digital Libraries
7.1. The Digital Library: A Definition
7.2. Digital Libraries: Some Examples
7.3. Digital Image Collections
7.4. Future Trends for Digital Libraries

8. On-Line Catalogs
8.1. Library Catalogs
8.2. International Bibliographic Databases
8.3. Future Trends for On-line Catalogs

9. Perspectives
9.1. Print Media and the Internet
9.2. Intellectual Property
9.3. Multimedia Convergence
9.4. The Information Society

10. Index of Websites

11. Index of Names

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From the Print Media to the Internet
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